Unfold 2020s Luxury Formal Eid Outfits

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Eid is a festive event that calls for new dresses and delicious feasts to be enjoyed with friends and family. Shopping for eid outfits is a very exciting thing for Muslim women all around the world but it might not be the easiest task. With fashion trends changing every few months, sometimes you are never too sure about what kind of dress you want for yourself.

In this article I will tell you all about the 2020 trends that will help you make your luxury and formal eid outfits to rock at any party or gathering. 


Ideas to Make Luxury Eid Clothes

Are you tired of wearing regular clothes for eid and not feeling your outfit? Here are some ideas that will help you transform your simple dresses into luxury formal eid clothes that will never fail to impress.

Pull Out All Stops and Go Fancy

A very simple thing you can do to make your simple dress fancy is by adding different types of laces and patches to it. You can easily find such things in any related shop. You can go for matching laces or you can choose golden or silver ones to give your dress a royal touch. Don’t be hesitant and add such things to the neckline, edges and sleeves of your dress. It will not only give your dress a more formal and finished look but also be more appropriate for an event like eid or a party. 

Peplums Are Back

A peplum will automatically transform your overall look into a luxury and formal look. The flare and the overall look of it changes the way your dress. You can make your dress fancier by adding metal buttons, gold or silver embroidered laces or other types of motifs as well. 

A Sharara Will Give a Luxury Touch to Any Dress

Sharara dresses used to be popular for daily use but then they started becoming limited to weddings events only. But for a few years they are making a comeback as formal-wear as well where women, especially young girls are opting for shararas instead of trousers or pants for events like eid. It really helps the dress come together as a luxury formal outfit and immediately becomes a head-turner as well. For more ideas on sharara designs you can visit online stores like Libas e Jamila where you can see a great collection of sharara dresses.


Statement Dupattas Will Go a Long Way

Dupattas that are heavy and fancy can go a long way. Since they don’t fade away like tops or bottoms, you can prolong their life by making multiple looks out of a single dupatta. Wearing a heavily embroidered dupatta with a simpler dress has been quite a top trend for a couple of years and it is still going strong this year as well. 

Beaded Khussay Go Perfectly With Any Look

A khussa is a traditional footwear that involves beads and embroidery as well. You will also see one color leather khussay that will give you a more chic look. Whatever outfit you decide to wear, a khussa with it can’t go wrong. Especially if you have a multicolored traditional khussa it will suit pretty much everything in your wardrobe. The traditional touch to any outfit will make it look quite regal. And not to mention that you will feel super comfortable wearing this footwear since it is not at all hard on the feet and will keep you going all day long without any aching feet.

Make Your Shirt A Little Longer

Long shirts were quite a thing about five to six years ago but then they were suddenly replaced by shorter shirts. Even though short shirts are still in fashion, I suggest that while getting your eid outfits stitched, keep your shirt a bit longer i.e. a little below your knee. This is the length that will make your overall dress look very formal and beautiful. There is something quite elegant about this kind of shirts and they will transform your look into a luxurious regal look. Also, these kinds of shirts look best with both, flat shoes and heels. So, you don’t have the restriction of sticking to a particular footwear depending on your outfit. 

These are some of the ideas that will help you create luxury and formal dresses for this year’s eid. Other than these you can follow your heart as well to wear what you feel comfortable in because fashion and style much more about comfort than just following some yearly trends. Happy Shopping!

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