The Ultimate Roofing Marketing Strategy

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With a Roofing business one universal goal is to make sure and sell the services of the business. This is something that is generally best accomplished via making a business be expertly positioned in front of its target audience whilst offering a solution that fixes a problem–or provides a benefit which the consumer will be unable to find elsewhere (or simply can’t refuse how helpful the marketed service would be).

Roofing Marketing Ideas 2020 | Enable

With this in mind, one of best things that the owner of a Roofing business can do for their business itself would be known to take a “Time-out,” so as to develop their very own business marketing plan. Having this plan can set a business owner apart from other competition and make them really stand-out. Having a marketing plan which outlines in a clear fashion how to reach the ideal type and the number of customers can be extremely useful in creating and then implementing a marketing strategy. You don’t want to have a marketing strategy that ends-up failing, so it is extremely important to have a clear, concise plan to helps more than it could potentially, “Harm.”


There are countless ways that you can try and engage in promoting your Roofing business. Through having a smart mix strategies you can expertly identify the most effective methods and focus on the best marketing tactics you should utilize for your Roofing business. Below you will find a list of 101 marketing suggestions and ideas to help your Roofing business with the selling of its services. By using these marketing suggestions and ideas you can help raise further awareness of your business and in the process promote all the aspects you want both current and potential customers to know about you and your Roofing business that makes you worth being a patron of.  Lastly getting Colorado roofing leads has never been easier. Here is the list now:


Marketing Planning

  1. Update or create a marketing plan for your business.
  2. Revisit or start your market research.
  3. Conduct a focus group.
  4. Write a unique selling proposition (USP).
  5. Refine your target audience and niche.
  6. Expand your product and service offerings.

Marketing Materials

  1. Update your business cards.
  2. Make your business card stand out from the rest.
  3. Create or update your brochure.
  4. Create a digital version of your brochure for your website.
  5. Explore a website redesign.
  6. Get creative with promotional products and give them away at the next networking event you attend.

In-Person Networking

  1. Write an elevator pitch.
  2. Register for a conference.
  3. Introduce yourself to other local business owners.
  4. Plan a local business workshop.
  5. Join your local chamber of commerce.
  6. Rent a booth at a trade show.

Direct Mail

  1. Launch a multipiece direct mail campaign.
  2. Create multiple approaches, and split test your mailings to measure impact.
  3. Include a clear and enticing call to action on every direct mail piece.
  4. Use tear cards, inserts, props, and attention-getting envelopes to make an impact with your mailings.
  5. Send past customers free samples and other incentives to regain their business.


  1. Advertise on the radio.
  2. Advertise in the Yellow Pages.
  3. Advertise on a billboard.
  4. Use stickers or magnets to advertise on your car.
  5. Take out an ad in your local newspaper.
  6. Advertise on a local cable TV station.
  7. Advertise on Facebook.
  8. Advertise on LinkedIn.
  9. Buy ad space on a relevant website.
  10. Use a sidewalk sign to promote your specials.

Social Media Marketing

  1. Get started with social media for business.
  2. Create a Facebook page.
  3. Get a vanity URL or username for your Facebook page.
  4. Create a Twitter account.
  5. Reply or retweet someone else on Twitter.
  6. Set up a Foursquare account for your business.
  7. List your business on Google Places.
  8. Start a business blog.
  9. Write blog posts on a regular basis.
  10. Create an Instagram account.
  11. Create a Groupon.
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