5 best places in the UK to buy jewellery in this pride month

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The Pride Month is here and everyone is super excited. Let’s spread the love unbiased this month and what better way than to gift jewellery. If you’re looking to buy jewellery for your partner or any other loved one in the UK, then here we have filtered out a list of the best jewellery markets in all of United Kingdom to get your better half something really special.

  1. Greenwich Market, London

The Greenwich Market is one of the oldest of London’s jewellery markets. It has been voted as the best places to shop for jewellery in London. Apart from jewellery, one can also find arts and craft items and antiquities, handicrafts, etc. The place is almost always buzzing with tourists and locals too. The Greenwich Market is open the whole week from 10am to 5.30pm. Although the weekend is the best time shop for jewellery. You can find many jewellery shops famous for gold, silver and precious gemstone jewellery items here. The gold and silver quality is top-notch. Jewellers specializing in authentic pearl jewellery can also be found in abundance here and are a must-visit.

  1. Hatton Garden, London

When it comes to jewellery shopping in the United Kingdom, who hasn’t heard of the Hatton Garden market in London. It is one of the oldest and biggest markets in all of UK. It is known as London’s jewellery hub and has been the centre for diamond trade since decades now. During wedding season, the market is as crowded as a beehive with enthusiastic shoppers hopping from one shop to another checking out designs and comparing prices. You can find all the latest trends and collections in the shops of jewelers hatton garden market. Wedding rings and other diamond jewellery are a must-buy from here.

  1. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh has a long list of jewellers clustered around a few miles that offer the latest and most exciting designs in jewellery. It is a one place stop-shop for jewellery in Scotland. From traditional to contemporary and organic to handcrafted, all sorts of jewellery stores run peacefully beside each other. There are many old-fashioned jewellery shops run by generations of some families for more than 50 years. The market place defines quality and reliability when it comes to jewellery shopping.

  1. Cardiff

Cardiff is rightly known as the shopping capital of Wales. It is abundant in shopping arcades and centres offering a feel of the Victorian and Edwardian era. The jewellery available for sale in Cardiff is the epitome of elegance and class and is sure to make one swoon in the first sight. The diamond stores offer highest quality of diamonds especially for engagements and weddings. They are certified and graded. The diamond jewellery business is mostly run by family business names that are known to the local people since generations now.

  1. Spitalfields Market

Those looking for some unique and funky pieces of jewellery have to visit the Spitalfields Market. Step away from the boring, typical jewellery trends and prepare to be amazed by the quirky designs that this market has to offer. Unconventional designs including the Harry Potter motifs or the skyline of London are available embellished in gold and silver for the funkiest of you people. If you’re an environmentalist, then there’s something for you in here as well. A few stored in the market offer eco-friendly jewellery made from recycled items and environment-friendly raw materials such as vegetable ivory. You can also find vintage jewellery from the Egyptian times here for the culture enthusiasts.

Many of the stores in these markets offer really good discounts during the pride month especially for engagement ring london. They also have season sales going on so you could save money and still get a precious little present for your loved ones. Don’t forget to check them out. Happy Pride Month to all.


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